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Google Docs woes

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Does anyone know how to view comments on a Google Doc as inline comments, or even as little bubbles along the side of the text like in Word? Hell, I’d settle for some sort of feature like “This comment was made on this page” or “This comment refers to something in the first half of the story”. Throw me a bone, here! I have a very long fic with a whole bunch of fantastic comments from my beta, and the only way I can access them is as a big sequential list, which isn’t terribly helpful for things like “This sentence is redundant” when there’s no way of determining which sentence that comment was placed on.

This seems like pretty basic functionality, so I’ve got to just be missing something, but an hour of googling is still leaving me baffled. Exporting to docx doesn’t keep the comments, either.

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May. 20th, 2013 02:45 pm (UTC)
They normally *do* show up as inline comments, attached to highlighted sections of the doc. But Gdocs often gets me logged in wrong (although that usually means I can't see the other people in chat, not that I can't see comments).

But if you had highlighted the whole doc and pasted a new version in, that would orphan all the comments. That's the only way I can think of that it should legitimately have them *not* show up on the right margin next to the highlighted bits.

If you can see the highlighting, click on it and that ought to take you to the comment...
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